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The Gospel Institute Classes

6:00 PM

Join us on Monday nights from 6-9pm starting January 9 through April 10, 2017. 


The following courses will be offered

Biblical Counseling & Discipleship 

This course gives a practical understanding of how to participate in the discipleship arena in a meaningful way that creates a plan for life change while demonstrating love, compassion, wisdom, and biblical truth. 

Overseer: Kent Kloter

Location: Bethany Community Church, 27577 Dutch Lane, Washington, IL


Biblical Teaching: Communicating Biblical Truth

This course is designed to train believers to prepare, present, and evaluate expository messages. It covers topics such as: a theology of teaching, different models of teaching, qualifications for teachers, the process of exposition, and the delivery of an expository message. This class is open to both men and women.

Teacher: Daniel Bennett

Location: Bethany Community Church, 27577 Dutch Lane, Washington, IL


Systematic Theology 2

This course will examine what the Bible teaches in the following areas: 

1) Salvation, 2) Christ,  3) The Holy Spirit, 4) Christ’s Church, and 5) Last Things. 

A continual focus will be placed on how the student is to live, to the glory of God, as a result of a deepening understanding of these topics.

*Systematic Theology I is not a prerequisite for Systematic Theology II.

Teacher: Traever Guingrich

Location: Bethany Baptist Church, 7422 North Heinz Lane, Edwards, IL


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