Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am

Luke Knapp - Deacon

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Luke grew up in the northeast corner of Missouri, got his M.S. in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University, then moved to Central Illinois where he works for Midwest Engineering Professionals as an HVAC engineer.  He is the tag-a-long youngest of 5 children (by 11 years). Luke acknowledged Christ as Lord of his life in the fall of 2001. He married his wife, Heidi, in 2007, and they have 6 kids; Bridget, Carter,  Alison, Abree, Deacon and Cohen. They live in Morton, IL and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible! Luke enjoys music, fishing, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Ministry close to your heart? 
I really appreciate the mission of the Adult Sunday School classes at BCC.  The time of intimate teaching and fellowship as well as prayer requests and encouragement has proven invaluable to my wife and I as well as many other believers at BCC.

Finish this sentence: If I have a free afternoon, I can probably be found
Spending time with my kids or fishing.

What is a Scripture verse that is meaningful to you? 
Romans 8:28-30...When life seems to swirl with pain or difficulty these verses have proven to be a rock.

Book: Hard to go wrong with John Piper material
Sport: IS America's pastime after all.
Restaurant: Anywhere with a good steak. 
Ice Cream: Yes Please.

Luke Knapp