Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am

Phil Smith - Youth Minister

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Phil joined the staff of Bethany Community Church in 2012 as the Youth Intern and upon completion of his Masters of Divinity became the Youth Minister in May of 2016. As the Youth Minister, Phil oversees all the student ministries with kids from grades 6-12 including Sunday School and Youth Group on Wednesday nights.

Phil and Jennie were married in July of 2016 and he enjoys spending time with her and their children. Outside of being with them, he also enjoys hanging out with people, having serious conversations over God's Word, reading good books/audio books, and attempting most sports. Phil also is glad to counsel and has been a member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors since August 2020.

Ministry close to your heart? 
I really love our whole church and the people in it. However, the families and kids of our church are obviously near and dear to my heart. It is such a wonderful time when kids are thinking and reasoning through truth and then able to start applying it into their lives. The emotion the kids have brings an intensity and joy to both our ministry and my life that I love being around and hopefully helping to foster that further. 

Finish this sentence: If I have a free afternoon,I can probably be found...
Hanging out with my family and/or doing work on our house

What is aScripture verse that is meaningful to you?
Galatians 2:20, 1 Peter 1:13-16, 2 Tim3:16-4:2

Book: The Discipline of Grace, Living by the Book, The Art of Biblical Narrative, Kingdom through Covenant, the Harry Potter series
Sport: Soccer
Restaurant: I like food!… variety is the spice of life
Ice Cream: Has to have lots of actual chocolate, Uncle Bob's being the one exception

Phil Smith