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Donut Run

9:00 AM

SORRY! Registration for the Donut Run is closed. Join us next year!


Please read everything before registering here and purchasing an optional t-shirt here.

Here is the big picture info:
Put on and run off those calories! Come join us at Bethany Community Church for a 1.5 mile Donut Run! No race bibs. No clock. No age groups. Just you, the trail, and donuts. Do it as a family. Do it as an individual. There will be only one Donut Run Champion. Cost is $5 (cash only please) per 6 pack of donuts. You will receive a half dozen donuts to eat during the competition, eat later, or donate to WHIP via the BCC freezer. You must pre-register. An optional t-shirt is available through May 10th through an online store with TeamWorks.  This is not a fundraiser, but a fun event held for our church and the surrounding communities. If you register and are unable to attend, we would still appreciate you paying for your donuts.

Here are the details:
The run is done on the Bethany Community Church trail starting at our church building at 27577 Dutch Lane in Washington at 9am. The trail is almost entirely on grass. There are two types of donut 6 packs for purchase; The competitive pack and the non-competitive pack.

1) Competitive packs are purchased by those who intend to get around the entire 1.5 mile course by either running or walking.

We will place a donut for you on a table at each quarter mile. Upon arriving at the table, one hand must be on the table (no walking and eating at the same time) while you eat the entire donut. Once you swallow the last bite, lift your hand from the table, and run to the next table. We are a "no choking" race, so please don't leave the table until you have swallowed everything. A table monitor will be at each table in case you need any assistance.
Donut #6 will be after the finish line. You can choose to eat your 6th donut, but that is not required.

2) Non-competitive packs may be purchased by individuals or families who want to participate in all or part of the event without having to eat all 5 donuts.

This option also allows families to purchase a six pack of donuts together, instead of a pack for each person. Non-competitive participants will receive their donuts at check-in the morning of the race. If you wish, you are welcome to place all or some of your donuts along the race course at that time, but please arrive early to allow extra time to do so. For example, if you have a family of 5 and purchased one non-competitor pack, a parent may want to jog out to the ¼ mile table and place your entire pack there. When the race starts, your entire family can jog to the ¼ mile table, find your donuts, and then decide to walk the rest of the trail or maybe jog the ¼ mile back to the start line. Your call. The options are endless for how you want to use the non-competitive packs.

Donut Run Champion
The winner of the Champion's Award will be the first person to cross the finish line after eating their donut at each of the five donut tables on the course.The award presentation will be done after all competitors are off the trail.

Saturday Morning Check-In
Please arrive early to check-in and pay for your donut packs. We will try to start the race as close to 9am as possible. If you ordered a shirt (not required, but an option) through the online store with TeamWorks, you can pick it up at check-in. If you are a non-competitive pack purchaser, arrive early if you want to place any of your donuts on the trail tables. Please bring your own Ziploc bags or containers for taking your donuts home or plan on leaving any extra donuts with us to be frozen and given away through the WHIP food pantry in Washington.

There are no walk-ins for this race. You must have registered by noon on May 24th to have donuts waiting for you.  Anyone is still welcome to join us for the run, but there will not be any donuts along the trail for them.

Remember, no race bibs. No clock. No age groups. Just a fun way to spend an hour or so with friends. Invite your runner friends, your neighbors, your co-workers. Just tell them...come take a walk with me and we'll have some snacks along the way!

To register, go here. To get your optional t-shirt, go here.


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