Sunday Services at 9:00am

Sunday School

9:00 AM

Sunday School classes for all ages meet at 9 a.m.


Bringing the Bible to Life 2.0 (taught by Kent Kloter and others, in the north addition upstairs)
This class is for anyone who desires to grow in the ability to apply the Scripture to everyday life. You will be introduced to several theological truths that are foundational to your spiritual growth and maturity. Gaining an understanding of these biblical principles will further equip you to think rightly about how to respond to difficulties in your life and how to faithfully disciple others.

Why Evangelism Isn’t Scary: Sowing and Harvesting in Today’s Culture (taught by Ben Davidson and others, in library conference room)
We exist to glorify God as we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord! What does that look like practically and what do we do if those around us don't seem open to hearing it? This class will look at the Gospel theologically and explain how that practically affects how I talk about God with others. We will also consider how the Bible helps us to sow truth into people's lives who are not ready to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Hebrews: The Superiority of Jesus Christ (taught by Blake Gerber, in the personal training room upstairs behind exercise equipment)
In this class we will walk through the book of Hebrews giving focused attention on the superiority of Jesus. Along the way we will emphasize various themes found in Hebrews and take note of how exploring these themes helps us to read and apply Scripture more faithfully. Some of the themes we will encounter include: the priesthood of Jesus Christ, the superiority of Jesus' sacrifice, perseverance, the New Covenant, warnings, and faith.


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