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Rebuilding Hope Initiative Begins!


Thank you for your interest in Rebuilding Hope Initiative—a Community Compassion ministry of Bethany Community Church.

From June 20-23, we are trusting the Lord for an opportunity to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors (Matthew 9:35-38) by helping a local resident with home and soul restoration. This initiative will be treated like an overseas mission trip except you can sleep in your own bed. The daily schedule would be:

Thursday to Saturday
8am - Arrive at residence for prayer and to start the work
12pm - Lunch delivered to work site
5pm - Meet at BCC for dinner, devotional, and debrief
7pm - Head home for rest and sleep

9am - Attend BCC together
12pm - Lunch together
1-5pm - Final touch up on the project

Future Saturdays
Quite possibly, we could continue unfinished work on Saturdays after June 23. The entire church would be invited to join.

We would invite the resident(s) we are helping to be a part of all the above with us!

Through the generous help from friends at Washington City Hall, we are partnering together to help contact a resident or residents in need in Washington. As this initiative grows, we would love to venture out into all the communities in which BCC has attenders.

For this trip, we would desire a team with:
Skilled labor, Unskilled labor, Childcare help, Lunch and dinner meal-making/delivery

Your entire family can be involved as during the project, some can be on site working on the residence, some can be helping with childcare at the church building, and some can be helping with grocery buying and meal-making. Your littlest family members can be a part of the childcare at the church building. Other opportunities during the trip could involve helping at households around the focused home, helping with needs of the city government, or even serving on the church property.

A trip application and support raising will be involved as with other BCC trips. We ask that all applicants consider the same guidelines as our mission trips.

Budget could be: $250
$28 - $4 per meal x 7 meals
$12 - book/devotional
$10 - childcare supplies
$200 - project supplies

No family will need to raise more than $1,000. We are asking a family or individual to donate the first 10% and then can support raise the rest.


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