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Donut Run

3:30 PM



UPDATE: Registration is closed for the Donut Run 2019....



IMPORTANT! Remember to purchase an optional t-shirt from TeamWorks by clicking HERE. The deadline for shirts is Wednesday, May 29 at 11:59pm.. 

Here is the big picture info:
Put on and run off those calories! Come join us for our 3rd annual Donut Run! No race bibs. No clock. No age groups. Just you, the track, and donuts. Do it as a family. Do it as an individual. Just make sure you come hungry! Cost is $5 (cash only please) per 6 pack of donuts. You will receive a half dozen donuts to eat during the competition, eat later, or donate to WHIP via the BCC freezer. You must pre-register. An optional t-shirt is available through May 29th through an online store with TeamWorks.  This is not a fundraiser, but a fun event held for our church and the surrounding communities. If you register and are unable to attend, we would still appreciate you paying for your donuts.

Here are the details:
The run will take place at the Washington High School Track across the street from Five Points with events starting at 3:30pm. There will be two events, a one lap 4 x 100m sprint and a 4 lap (4 x 400m) run (1 mile total).  You will sign up for one of three options:

1) 4 x 100m Competitive Pack – Participants will eat one donut at the start and then one at each of three tables at 100m, 200m and 300m with the finish line at 1 lap or 400m.  If you sign up for this event your donuts will be placed on these tables for you.

2) 1 Mile Competitive packs  - The 1 mile run will have two options of donut 6 packs for purchase; The competitive pack and the non-competitive pack.  Competitive pack purchasers will have their donuts available on the table at the start/finish and eat one donut at the start and one after the first, second and third laps, finishing with a fourth lap.

3) 1 Mile Non-competitive Pack - Participants can choose to take the non-competitive route and choose whether to do one to all four laps and eat none to all of their donuts.  Families can share a pack and place it at the table to eat after the first lap, or whenever they want. Non-competitive participants will receive their donuts at check in and can choose to place some or all at the table or whatever they want.



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