Sunday Services at 9:00am

New Adult Sunday School Classes Start!

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Living for God in a Culture that Rejects Him: Learning from the Lives of Old Testament Saints
taught by Dave Robinson
meets in the upper level, personal training room
Learn from the lives of Old Testament saints who lived faithfully for God in cultures that had rejected the Truth of who He is.

Biblical Foundations of Marriage
taught by Blake Gerber and others
meets in the library conference room
This class will be focused on cultivating a biblical understanding of marriage. Some of the subjects that will be covered include: Purpose of Marriage, Role of Husband/Wife, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Parenting, and Finance.

Living the Gospel in our Neighborhood and in the Marketplace
taught by Wayne Leman and Jeff Leman
meets in the upper level, north addition
What does it mean to be a Christian carpenter, or nurse, or CEO? More than you may think!  How are we to best represent Christ in our neighborhoods?  In this class we will look at what the Bible says about these questions and learn how to live out those answers where we live and work.

BRIDGE College Group: Bringing the Bible to Life 2.0
taught by Kent Kloter
meets in the loading dock area behind the stage
This class is for anyone who desires to grow in the ability to apply the Scripture to everyday life. You will be introduced to several theological truths that are foundational to your spiritual growth and maturity. Gaining an understanding of these biblical principles will further equip you to think rightly about how to respond to difficulties in your life and how to faithfully disciple others. 


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