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Global Outreach Updates from the Congregational Meeting on April 3, 2016

On April 3, 2016, Dave Robinson, our elder who shepherds the BCC missions ministry along with Chris Gebhart, Tina Backstrom, and Jason Getz, gave this update at our congregational family meeting. All three BFC churches are excited to see what God has in store for missions at our churches. Stay tuned for future updates to this page!

Since 2007, Global Outreach has been a shared ministry of the Bethany Fellowship of Churches consisting of Bethany Baptist Church, Living Hope Community Church, and Bethany Community Church.

Global Outreach in the Bethany Fellowship of Churches

This common ministry included:
• One Common Budget
• One Common Set of Missionary Partners
• One Common Missions Committee/Global Outreach Team

Strengths of a Shared Ministry
• BCC did not have to create a missions ministry
• Established Relationships with Missionaries
• Opportunities for Short Term Trips
• Maintained Relationship with Bethany Baptist and Living Hope

Successes of a Shared Ministry
• Care for our Global Outreach Partners
• Support for our Sent Missionaries
• Short Term Trips
• Efficiencies from Shared Efforts

Weaknesses of a Shared Ministry
• Lower than hoped for levels of engagement from all three congregations
• Multi-church ministry felt distant to many
• Primarily outward focused, taking excellent care of missionaries but not able to focus on developing our congregations for ministry

New Direction
Beginning May 1, 2016 each congregation will have its own Global Outreach ministry with:
• Three Separate Budgets
• Three Separate Sets of Missionary Families
• Three Separate Missions Committees/Global Outreach Teams

New Direction
We will continue to partner together by:
• Sharing some Short Term Trips
• Sharing resources and lessons learned
• Giving consideration to one another’s sent missionary candidates

Missions Ministry Vision
We desire to see the local church established in places where it does not exist and built up in places where it is young, weak, or persecuted while helping the body of believers at Bethany Community Church grow in their understanding of God’s heart for the nations and actively live it out.

Missions Ministry Goals
Inward Goal: Develop a right understanding of God’s heart for the nations within our congregation through teaching and discipleship while providing opportunities to live out that understanding through ministry in our community, country, and world.

Steps to Achieve this Goal:
• Increase formal teaching on missions
• Incorporate missions into care groups
• Shepherd those desiring full time ministry
• Short term trips
• Local events as partners visit
• Provide material for families

Outward Goal: Partner with missionaries and organizations around the world to establish the local church and build it up through the full spectrum of discipleship (evangelism, formal teaching, small group and one-on-one, intentional ministry together, etc.).

Steps to Achieve this Goal:
• Partner with like-minded missionaries
• Support a group of missionaries that gives us a broad exposure to geography and types of ministry while focusing on relationship
• Support partners sufficiently to justify their time with us
• Provide training and support to partners

Process to Establish Ministry:
• Communicate with Existing Partners
      • Letter from Senior Pastors
      • Letter from Each Congregation
• We will support all current missionaries for one more year while we determine with whom we will continue to partner

Evaluating Partners
• Shared doctrinal commitment
• Shared philosophy of ministry
• Ministry Alignment
• Giftedness
• Relationship
• Geographic and Ministry Mix

We believe we can build and maintain relationships with about 15 of our current 43 partners while maintaining room to grow.

Build A Bethany Community Church Team
• Currently Dave Robinson, Chris Gebhart, Tina Backstrom, and Jason Getz
• Grow this team and engage others

2016-17 Budget
• Continue to support all missionaries at current level this year.
• Hold funds for future partnerships and growth in a Special Projects Fund

Future Budgets
• Continue supporting non-US based missionaries that we no longer partner with until they are able to return to the US for support raising.
• Grow our support for those missionaries that we continue to partner with.
• Begin new partnerships.


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