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Parenting & Sexuality Student Notes (Adobe Acrobat File)
2/3/2016, 55kb

Parenting & Sexuality Apps- Being in the Know (Adobe Acrobat File)
2/3/2016, 87kb

Jonah and Ruth Fly Over Review (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
8/18/2014, 977kb

Ruth 4.13-22 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
8/10/2014, 494kb

Ruth 4 1-12 (Adobe Acrobat File)
8/4/2014, 438kb

Ruth 1 (Adobe Acrobat File)
7/24/2014, 536kb

Ruth 1.19 -2.23 (Adobe Acrobat File)
7/24/2014, 452kb

Ruth 3 (Adobe Acrobat File)
7/24/2014, 420kb

Shepherding Children Class #3 (Microsoft Powerpoint file) Why, what and how do we teach children?
3/28/2014, 1,259kb

Shepherding Children Class #2 (Microsoft Powerpoint file) This class focuses on getting to the heart of a child--not just on behavior.
3/16/2014, 1,154kb

Shepherding Children Class #1 (Microsoft Powerpoint file) This class focuses on four foundations for shepherding children.
3/4/2014, 937kb

2011-01-09 and 16 - Shepherding Children: Teaching Children (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
1/17/2011, 1,107kb

2010-11-21 - The Heart of a Child (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
11/23/2010, 1,462kb

War of Words Chapter 3 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
5/12/2009, 6,716kb

2009-03-15 - Preserving Unity in the Body Part I (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
3/18/2009, 556kb

2009-02-22 - Loving Confrontation: Part 2 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
2/22/2009, 365kb

2009-02-15 - Chapter 8 part 1 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
2/15/2009, 2,995kb

LITFH Chapter 7: Using Your Spiritual Gifts Part 3 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
2/9/2009, 1,513kb

LITFH - Chapter 6, Part 2 (Microsoft Powerpoint file)
1/11/2009, 10,262kb

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