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Community Compassion

The purpose of Community Compassion is to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors (Matthew 9:35-38). Read this entire page for the breadth of this ministry and how we are trusting God to fulfill this purpose.

Have a desire to help with a Community Compassion ministry? Click here.

Have a need that a Community Compassion ministry may be able to help with? Click here. Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet your need, we will certainly do what we can! Please note that we are best able to handle requests located on the east side of the Illinois river. Read below for the avenues from which we trust the Lord to meet needs.

Short Term Projects
The Community Compassion ministry was birthed by offering many short term projects for BCCers to get involved in. Some of the ministries below started as short term projects and have turned into long term ministries. Contact the office for more info on other short term compassion projects coming up at Bethany Community Church.

Help a Household
The Help A Household ministry is privileged to do our best to supply general household necessities (paper goods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc.), other basic standard-of-living items (small furniture, decor, wood/metal chairs, etc.), and general handyman labor to those who do not already attend Bethany Community Church. Items are placed in our Help a Household Store at the BCC Counseling Center on Dutch Lane. If you attend BCC and would like to join the Help A Household team, please contact us as well. Over 50 families are on our email list. Contact: Stephen and Christy Straub

HAH store items accepted:
Small furniture (no sofas, love seats or lazy boys; think wooden/metal items like end tables, folding chairs, etc.)
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Cleaning supplies
Brand new toys (still in packaging)
Tools (non-power)
Please no clothes, used toys, cloth furniture, plush items like bedding or pillows, or electronics.

Jail Ministry
We continue to minister to the men awaiting trial or sentencing or are serving a short term sentence (less than 12 months) at Woodford County Jail by providing Bibles and conducting a weekly bible study every Sunday morning. The men in jail who participate in the studies do so voluntarily. Opportunities to participate in this ministry include: prayer, sending letters (sent from the BCC office), packages, and reading materials. Contact: Tom Bunton

Make a Meal
Make a meal ministry is open to anyone wanting to volunteer to help prepare meals for the families BCC has helped through benevolence requests. The meals are prepared then frozen to have available to distribute as needed. Volunteers gather in a group to prepare the food periodically as needed. Contact: Stephen and Christy Straub

Peoria Rescue Ministries Partnership
The purpose of our relationship with Peoria Rescue Mission is to glorify God as we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord to homeless and troubled in the Peoria area (Ps. 34:18; Luke 4:18-19). BCC preaches a week of lunch services each year and has individuals involved in the Women's Pregnancy Center/The Walk. Contact: Ben Davidson

Food Pantry Ministry
Currently, BCC sends people to work at WHIP. WHIP is a community-based, food pantry for those in need. Volunteers are needed the first and third Wednesdays of the month to help stock shelves and fill sacks, to pick up donations, check expiration dates, and carry groceries to cars. This is a great opportunity to minister to those coming to the pantry for help as well as minister to fellow volunteers. If you would like Community Compassion to consider partnership with other pantries, please let us know. Contact: Leesa Gerber

Benevolence Point People
The purpose of the benevolence point people is to glorify God by following up with benevolence callers trusting the Lord for movement from relief to restoration (2 Corinthians 5:19). Contact: Stephen and Christy Straub

Disaster Relief and Recovery
The purpose of disaster relief and recovery is to glorify God as we bring the gospel to those hurting from disaster both natural and man-made. From a local fire to an international weather event, BCC desires to be a part of bring hope to the hurting. Contact: Stephen and Christy Straub

My Sister's House Partnership
MSH trusts in the sufficiency of God’s Word to provide hope and healing to hurting single women and their children through gospel centered discipleship, community, and care. The ministry is located at 511 Walnut St. in Washington. For more information, go to BCC partners by providing counsel, work crews, food/material drives and more. Contact Ben Davidson/Mark & Tammy Herrmann


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