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COURSE: Biblical Counseling and Discipleship
January 8th – April 9th       Monday evenings from 6-7:15pm 
TEACHER: Overseen by Kent Kloter (Pastor of Biblical Counseling at BCC)
LOCATION: Bethany Community Church (27577 Dutch Lane, Washington IL)

We are trusting the Lord for the possibility of limited childcare for Monday nights. Please contact Heather at the office if you are interested in this. 

If you have ever wondered how to respond to hard circumstances in your life, whether it’s with your own emotions, a situation involving your children, your spouse, siblings, or your peers, this course is for you. 

This 36-week full course will take you through the foundations of Biblical counseling as well as practical topics for a better understanding of how to come alongside of others and yourself in daily interactions. This course is not just for those interested in formal biblical counseling but to help you in understanding how to think and respond in ways that please God and work for the good of other people in your everyday situations. 

This course is required for those interested in Bethany’s Biblical Counseling ministry or formal discipleship. 


ADVANCED CLASS: Biblical Counseling and Discipleship
Overseen by Kent Kloter
7:30-8:30pm Monday Evenings

No childcare.

This course will bring the introduction course to the application phase. Students will have case studies, videos, and staged counseling sessions to work through how to application the learned principles of the introduction track.

Contact Heather with questions or to register for the advanced class or call our office at 508-1755



Upcoming Training Conferences

Faith Biblical Counseling Training Conference

February 11-16 2018

Lafayette, Indiana

Learn more here:

Biblical Counseling & Discipleship 3rd Annual Conference
March 2-4, 2018 - More info to come October 2017

Bethany Community Church
27577 Dutch Lane
Washington, IL 61571

Bethany Biblical Counseling Ministries Contact Information

Heather Leman - Counseling Adminstrator
Kent Kloter - Pastor of Biblical Counseling
ACBC Certified

Phone: (309) 508-1755

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Biblical Counseling Class


Biblical Counseling Class


Biblical Counseling Class


Biblical Counseling Class


Biblical Counseling Class


Biblical Counseling Class

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