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Community Days

The summer version of Community Days has come...and gone. Thank you to the volunteers and families that came out to join us! We'll leave the info from this past summer below in case you are new to Community Days and might be curious about what we did. We hope to do it again!


Update for Community Days (7.21.17):  The call for rain tomorrow continues to fluctuate. Community Days will still be able to offer a soccer and gymnastics clinic indoors should it be raining. So come join us at 9:30am tomorrow (Saturday, July 22)--rain or shine! If shine, all clinics are still on tap. Next Saturday, July 29, will be our last Community Days of the summer. The above rain plan will be in effect for the 29th as well.The purpose of Community Days is to invite the public to our Dutch Lane campus to use the property for outreach and care for others.  Community Days includes events such as the Donut Run and Saturday morning actiivities during the summer. 

For more on this summer's Community Days...
Bethany Community Church announces its summer Community Days. The last 4 Saturdays in July (8,15,22,29), BCC is inviting children and their families for free clinics and games at 9:30am for about an hour. Activities include a running clinic, soccer clinic, air pistol instruction/shooting, paintball, ultimate frisbee games, sprinklers, and more! No preregistration is necessary (except for air pistols, registration form coming soon to this page). Just show up at our church property at 27577 Dutch Lane in Washington, choose your activity for the day, register, and have fun!  We do ask that parents/guardians stay on property during the course of each Saturday morning. 

Come by the church office or the Welcome Center on Sundays to get posters to hang in your local library. grocery store, community center, etc. to get the word out!

Age requirements are as follows:
Running, going into K-8th
Ultimate Frisbee, going into K-8th
Soccer, going into K-8th, bring your own ball if you can
Air gun shooting, pre-registration required here, 14 and up 
Paintball, going into 7th and up
Gymnastics, going into K-8th


Does this event cost anything?
Not a dime. Our church is glad to provide this free opportunity to kids and their families.

Are Bethany Community Church attenders and members allowed to come?
Yes. Those from BCC who are planning the clinics would appreciate your help in making our guests feel at home at our property, so please join with us and strike up a conversation with those around you who do not attend Bethany.

How long do the summer Community Days last?
About an hour. 

Will you do other Community Days events in the future?
We are hoping to do Community Days events throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Why do you offer Community Days?
We love these activities, we love people, and we love God. Why wouldn't we offer these days? It is our pleasure to invite people to the property that God has provided and use it for His glory.

Do you have to pre-register?
Only for Air Pistols Clinic. For the others, just show up! The Air Pistols clinic only has 6 spots available. You must by 14 or older. Go ahead and register and we will let you know if you got in. For more questions about the Air Pistols clinic, email

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