Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am

Adult Sunday School

The purpose of the Adult Sunday School ministry is to teach the application of God's word to life's circumstances in a cross-generational, discipleship-focused environment. (Heb. 10:24-25)

Three Adult Sunday School Classes Being Offered at 9am

The Gospel and the Nations: The Why and How We Fulfill the Great Commision Together
(Dave Robinson - Worship Center)
It can be hard, living in central Illinois, to know how we can be obedient to God's command to make disciples of all nations. In this class we will explore how we do this together as a church through teaching, testimonies, discussions, and both in-person and live video conversations with ministry partners around the world.  

The Peace that is Ours

Ladies Class (Chantel Jones - Room 107)

The world seeks peace - externally and internally - and always finds it elusive. However, as believers peace is something we already possess. But how? And what exactly does that mean? If that’s true, why don’t we always feel peaceful? In this class, we’ll gain a greater understanding of the meaning and theology of biblical peace, as well as how to realize this peace more and more. We’ll examine common obstacles to peace and how to be biblically equipped for battle. Finally, we’ll discuss the implications of a peaceful person, not only in relation to others but in the pursuit of more effective ministry.


The Person and Work of Christ

(Blake Gerber - Room 101A)

The Scriptures are about Jesus. As we read through the Bible we see God's marvelous plan of redemption being carried out through the person and work of Christ. In this class we will learn about the Person of Christ and seek to gain a better understanding of both His deity and humanity.  We will also study the work of Christ as Prophet, Priest, and King and learn how the work of Christ is essential to our faith. Along the way we will strive to continually make application to our daily lives of what we are learning about our beloved Savior.


BCC also has small groups, called Care Groups, that meet throughout the week. For more information on Care Groups please contact the church office at 309-508-1755 or email



Blake Gerber
Phone: 309-508-1755
Role: Discipleship Pastor