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Adult Sunday School

The purpose of the Adult Sunday School ministry is to teach the application of God's word to life's circumstances in a cross-generational, discipleship-focused environment. (Heb. 10:24-25)


We are looking forward to starting three new Adult Sunday School classes in 2022.

Beginning January 9 and continuing for 8 weeks there will be a class for women, a class for men, and a class for both men and women. The details of the classes are below:


Adult SS Class for Women
A Walk Through the Psalms taught by Kim Anderson and Chantel Jones (Room 107)

For centuries, God’s people have sung and prayed the Psalms as acts of worship and trust. No other book captures our daily human experience like the Psalms and gives us the words to express our hearts to God in a way that “renews us in the image of our Creator.” This class will help you cultivate a deeper relationship with God as we discuss the book of Psalms and several of its different genres. Each week, as we look at Psalms of Lament, History, Trust, Royalty, Thanksgiving, Praise, Wisdom, and even Psalms about our enemies, we will learn how God renews our understanding, obedience and trust through His songbook. 


Adult SS Class for Men
The Pursuit of Biblical Manhood taught by several men (Room 101a)

What is God's call for men? What does it mean to be a man of God? The pursuit of biblical manhood is an integral part of living a Christ-centered, God-honoring life for every man in the church of Jesus Christ, regardless of age or marital status. In this class we will look at 8 areas for men to pursue as we grow in our understanding of biblical manhood. 


Adult SS Class for Men and Women
The Majesty of Christ from Different Angles: An Overview of the Gospels taught by Jeff Leman, Shawn Doud, Dave Robinson and Blake Gerber. (Worship Center)

Join us for an 8 week course looking at a 30,000 ft view of the Gospels, and see what each Gospel uniquely shows us about Jesus as we consider their various audiences, and the different emphases that each Gospel makes. The goal is to help us learn how to read the Gospels and see their wonder in a new light. Each teacher will spend 2 weeks on each Gospel while also tackling issues of history, why we need four Gospels, and apparent contradictions in the Gospels.  

BCC also has small groups that meet throughout the week, called Care Groups. For more information on Care Groups please contact the church office at 309-508-1755 or email


Blake Gerber
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Role: Discipleship Pastor

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