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Men's Bible Study/DeJarnatt

6:15 PM

“Paul’s letter to the Romans is an inspired masterpiece of doctrine highlighting God’s grace, truth, and redemption. Within its pages, the apostle shares his message of good news and eternal salvation with the church, advises believers on theological truths, gives practical applications for living the Christian life, and shows how God’s righteousness comes by grace alone through faith in Christ. The book of Romans underscores that Christianity is far more than just a doctrine - it is an essential roadmap for daily living.” - John MacArthur

Join Mark DeJarnatt for a 12- week study beginning on Wednesday, March 22 using the book "Romans - Grace, Truth, and Redemption" by John MacArthur. The study will be offered on Wednesday mornings from 10:00-11:30 or 6:15-7:45 in the evenings in the basement of the Counseling Center. 

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