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Outreach Training

The purpose of BCC's outreach training ministry is to glorify God as we equip His people to be laborers who effectively proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all people (1 Cor 2:2-5).

Resources include:
1. Get your free copy of Evangelism: How the Whole Church Speaks of Jesus by Mack Stiles today! This book is free to BCC attenders and members who desire to help BCC continue to build a culture of evangelism. Contact Pastor Ben at 

2. The Hosptiality Initiative - Learn how to use your home as place for gospel-centered ministry-hospitality! The Hospitality Initiative is not a ministry to sign up for but is a series of 3 short training videos on how to use your home for gospel ministry. Find these videos here, here, and here. Watch them as a family, care group, or ministry team! Guided questions and applications are included in the comments section for each video. 

3. How to reach your neighbors for Christ - Read through a series of 6 blog posts Pastor Ben posted to our BCC blog on how to reach your neighbors for Christ. Click here to read them. Have your care group read one a month and discuss or go ahead and start applying today!

4. Learn how to write out your 3 minute story of how you came to place your faith in Christ and how you do it so you don't "lose" your audience. Click here for a resource that can help you. 

5. Think you could sound too preachy when trying to talk about Christ with others? Want to have a question-based way of communicating the gospel? Check out the resource here!

6. Want 3 options for starting a spiritual conversation? Click here for help!

More resources are coming soon!

Further outreach training is most often given through the Outreach Coordinators in care groups, but it is also offered during certain seasons of Sunday School. 


Ben Davidson
Phone: 309-508-1755
Role: Associate Pastor


 Communicating the Gospel