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Personal Discipleship

The purpose of our Personal Discipleship ministry is to glorify God as we intentionally shepherd others towards maturity in Christ (Col. 1:28-29). Our Care Groups are the method through which personal discipleship most often runs.    

What is personal discipleship?
Personal discipleship is the process whereby a genuine convert (enabled by the Holy Spirit and led by a more mature disciple-maker) cultivates greater biblical knowledge in addition to spiritual disciplines and heart attitudes that make him/her progressively more like Jesus Christ.  

In other words, a disciple is a person who is intentionally progressing toward greater likeness to Jesus in thought, word, and deed. This is the goal of all true biblical discipleship – to produce men & women who think, communicate, and act like Jesus Christ.

In light of this, the goal of all discipleship is to produce mature men and women who eventually become disciple-makers themselves (since Jesus was a disciple-maker).

Further, we should make a distinction between formal personal discipleship and those studies/events that may have elements of discipleship perhaps (e.g., Bible studies, Sunday School, etc.) but which are not formal personal discipleship per se.

Partners 1on1 Discipleship
One of the ways we can encourage a culture of discipleship at BCC is by pursuing personal discipling relationships with one another, and the Partners 1on1 Discipleship workbook is a great resource to help us do that. Partners is designed to connect you with another believer on a regular basis to grow in Christ together as you work through 10 important issues of the Christian faith. Please contact Brock or Jodi Gerber at the email listed below for more information and to get started with Partners.


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Brock or Jodi Gerber