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Personal Discipleship

The purpose of our Personal Discipleship ministry is to glorify God as we intentionally shepherd others towards maturity in Christ (Col. 1:28-29). Our Care Groups are the method through which personal discipleship most often runs.    

What is personal discipleship?
Personal discipleship is the process whereby a genuine convert (enabled by the Holy Spirit and led by a more mature disciple-maker) cultivates greater biblical knowledge in addition to spiritual disciplines and heart attitudes that make him/her progressively more like Jesus Christ.  

In other words, a disciple is a person who is intentionally progressing toward greater likeness to Jesus in thought, word, and deed. This is the goal of all true biblical discipleship – to produce men & women who think, communicate, and act like Jesus Christ.

In light of this, the goal of all discipleship is to produce mature men and women who eventually become disciple-makers themselves (since Jesus was a disciple-maker).

Further, we should make a distinction between formal personal discipleship and those studies/events that may have elements of discipleship perhaps (e.g., Bible studies, Sunday School, etc.) but which are not formal personal discipleship per se.


Blake Gerber
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Role: Discipleship Pastor