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The purpose of Mathetes is to provide practical and biblical discipleship for those who are considering full-time vocational ministry. (2 Tim 2:2, Eph. 4:11)

What is Mathetes?

Mathetes is the Greek word for “disciple.”  This ministry is designed to be a practical and biblical discipleship course for those who are considering full-time vocational ministry.  The purpose of this ministry is to (1) develop relationships with the elders who will be overseeing a person’s growth in ministry, (2) receive practical and biblical training to prepare a person for ministry, and (3) provide opportunities for the elders to assess one’s qualifications for ministry.

There are three primary components to the program:

1. The Discipleship Component.  This is the more formal aspect of Mathetes.  As a person meets with the pastoral staff, they will select several books that they believe may help prepare them for ministry.  Participants will have the opportunity to read these books and discuss what they are learning with the staff and elders.  

2. The Relational Component.  The elders believe it is important to develop personal relationships with those whom they will be ordaining for ministry. The staff will work with a person's schedule to provide opportunities for them to attend staff meetings on a regular basis. They will be invited to participate in elder meetings on a regular basis as well. 

3. The Ministry Component.  The final component of Mathetes involves giving a person ownership of a ministry at Bethany Community Church.  This allows them to exercise their spiritual gifts in the context of a local church while receiving helpful and encouraging feedback from the elders.

The Formal Training Component:This is not an official part of Mathetes, but program members may be encouraged to pursue formal training through seminary, biblical counseling tracks, or other classes offered at BCC. The Mathetes member and elders will work together to determine what formal training is needed.

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