Sunday Worship Service at 10:30am

Koinos Borrowing Ministry

The Borrowing Program is a trust based program designed to facilitate sharing of tools between members and regular attendees of Bethany Community Church. The church is simply providing a means for the exchange of such items to take place in order to enable us all to be better stewards of our resources.

Participate as a lender in 3 simple steps:

1. Subscribe to the email list by contacting the office. 
2. Receive emails from the program when someone has a need to borrow a tool.
3. Reply to the email if you have the requested tool that you are willing to lend. 

We will connect you with the person making the request!

Request a tool in 3 simple steps:

1. Email with your request.
2. We will send out an email to lenders to locate the tool and put them in contact with you.
3. You will then work out an agreeable way to exchange the tool and time frame with the lender.

Terms of the Program
• The church is not a part of the actual exchange of the items and is therefore not liable in any way for loss or damage of an item or for the safety of those using the item.
• The borrower accepts all responsibility and liability for the safe use of the item as if it were their own. The borrower accepts all responsibility for determining if the item is safe to use and how to safely and properly use it.

• The lender has no guarantee of the return of or the condition of the item if and when it is returned.
• The borrower is TRUSTED to return the item within the time period agreed upon.
• The borrower is TRUSTED to reasonably compensate the lender for damage to the item caused by misuse or excessive wear.
• The lender is to expect normal wear and also breakage due to normal use of the item.
• The Program Coordinator will help facilitate communication and the return of the item in a transaction. However, it is the responsibility of the LENDER to notify the Coordinator of the details of the transaction. We cannot follow up on a transaction that we do not have details on!

Bottom Line: This is a TRUST BASED program.


Travis Leman
Role: Coordinator