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Community Days

Here is our latest press release for Community Days Summer 2018!

Bethany Community Church announces the second annual Community Days each Saturday in July at 27577 Dutch Lane in Washington, Illinois.
Community Days is an opportunity for kids to come to the Bethany Community Church campus to participate in clinics of interest to them. This year, BCC is hoping to provide clinics for K-8th in the areas of sculpture, soccer, cooking, running, basketball, gymnastics, and ultimate frisbee. All clinics will have a question of the day that will spur your child to think about spiritual things. All clinics are free and start at 9:30am lasting about an hour. Many of the clinics have current or former high school athletes from Metamora, Washington, and other schools helping with the clinics.  Cookies and juice are seved at the end of the event.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity to kids all over the central Illinois region”, says Ben Davidson, Associate Pastor at BCC. “Some may have experienced Christianity as something that was shoved down their throats. That is not the design of Community Days. We hope this event is a blessing to all that attend."
No preregistration is necessary. Once you arrive, you choose your clinic and wait for the opening welcome. Then kids are dismissed to their clinics Parents are asked to stay during the clinic. 

Why does Bethany offer Community Days? "We love these activities, we love people, and we love God. Why wouldn't we offer these days? It is our pleasure to invite people to the property that God has provided.” says Davidson.

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Since its inception, Bethany Community Church has been equipping people to skillfully, confidently, and lovingly minister God's Word to those looking for victory over difficult or challenging life situations. BCC continues to be a certified training center for ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors). 
Bethany Community Church meets for worship at Five Points Washington each Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30am. Classes and childcare are available.For more information about BCC, please visit


Does this event cost anything?
Not a dime. Our church is glad to provide this free opportunity to kids and their families.

Are Bethany Community Church attenders and members allowed to come?
Yes. Those from BCC who are planning the clinics would appreciate your help in making our guests feel at home at our property, so please join with us and strike up a conversation with those around you who do not attend Bethany.

How long do the summer Community Days last?
About an hour. 

Will you do other Community Days events in the future?
We are hoping to do Community Days events throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Why do you offer Community Days?
We love these activities, we love people, and we love God. Why wouldn't we offer these days? It is our pleasure to invite people to the property that God has provided and use it for His glory.

Do you have to pre-register?
Mostly not. More on that soon. For most clinics, just show up! 

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